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Check which programming languages you can learn and practice with Duomly!


HTML and CSS are the essentials, from which everybody should start. In this course, you will learn what HTML and CSS are, how to create basic HTML elements, and how to create styles using CSS.

Javascript Course
Javascript Course

Javascript is an object-oriented programming language, mostly used for interactive elements in the browser. It's an essential skill for everyone who wants to start a front-end developer path.

React JS Course
React JS Course

In this course, you will find out why React.js is one of the most popular front-end libraries among developers and how easy it is to build the app using this technology.

React Native Course
React Native Course

React Native is a Javascript framework used to build apps for iOS and Android. It's a great way to learn mobile development for those who already know Javascript and React.js.

Python Course
Python Course

Python is a programming language with a simple syntax, which makes it a good proposition for beginners as a first language. It's also an excellent basis to start learning Machine Learning and AI.

Blockchain Course
Blockchain Course

In this course, you'll learn general blockchain content, from basics like what is blockchain to advanced elements like how blockchain transactions work.

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At Duomly you can find a lot of useful features, which will help you while your learning adventure!

Learn and have fun with interactive courses!

Learn and have fun with interactive courses!

We provide interactive courses where we want you to learn and have fun by solving interactive tasks, quizzes, and interacting with the code. We believe it will help you to remember everything that you've just learned.

  • solving quizzes
  • interacting with code and get the results immediately
  • create code with ready code blocks
  • enjoy learning like never before

What they said about us

Check what our students say about Duomly!


"With Duomly, programming seems to be much easier. I can understand everything with great theory courses and build real-life projects next."

- Sandeep


"Learning with Duomly is awesome. Courses are ordered in career paths, and I know what to do step by step."

- Qiang


"Learning with Duomly is great! I can learn new skills and have a lot of fun at the same time."

- Patricia

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