Currency calculator with React.js course

6h course for beginner with lots of building real-project activities
Course Currency calculator with React.js main

Course description

In this course, you can create your first application in React.js. We are building an application which will be able to convert the currency according to the newest rates.

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front end

What you will learn

Every Duomly’s course is designed
to give you the most important parts of the topic.
Create App.js structure
Create Input component
Create Select component
Get data
Display state data
Create Button component
Calculate the result

How you will learn

With Duomly you can learn from
various types of courses.

This course is the build-project one, what it means
you will learn by coding real-life project:

  • step by step explanation
  • coding environment
  • your working project
  • real-life experience
  • certificate of completion

How to build real project course

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