Project Structure Course

1h course for mid

Description of Project Structure course

Our course will take you through the basics of setting up a project, all the way to a more advanced enterprise level with atomic design. We'll show you how to implement Domain-Driven Design (DDD) concepts and patterns, and how to use them to create a well-structured project. You will learn how to create a consistent file structure, how to organize and maintain your codebase, and how to design the most efficient architecture for your project. Enroll in our course now and become an expert in setting up IT projects!

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Project Structure course details

How long will the Project Structure course take?

This course is planned for 1h of work.

What is difficulty level of this course?

Project Structure course difficulty level is mid. We scale courses on a three-level scale. Beginner fits even total beginners. Mid is for people with some knowledge, and advanced level is for people who know the topic and have some coding skills.

What you will learn in Project Structure course

Every Duomly’s course is designed
to give you the most important parts of the topic.

Small - Flat

Medium - DDD


Atomic Design

How you will learn during Project Structure course

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various types of courses.

This course is the theory one, what it means
you will learn from interactive lessons:

  • step by step explanation
  • deep knowledge
  • interactive text
  • certificate of completion

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