Python Course

4h course for beginner

Description of Python course

Python is a very popular programming language, used by web developers, machine learning and AI engineers, data scientists, and other programmers all around the world. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Python and create simple programs.

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Python course details

How long will the Python course take?

This course is planned for 4h of work.

What is difficulty level of this course?

Python course difficulty level is beginner. We scale courses on a three-level scale. Beginner fits even total beginners. Mid is for people with some knowledge, and advanced level is for people who know the topic and have some coding skills.

What you will learn in Python course

Every Duomly’s course is designed
to give you the most important parts of the topic.

What is Python?





Integers & Floats




Number operators

String operators

Array operators

Assignment operators

For loop

While loop

Nested loops

Conditional statement

Conditional statement comparators

Functions part 1

Functions part 2



Regular expressions



How you will learn during Python course

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various types of courses.

This course is the interactive one, what it means
you will learn by passing mini-tasks like:

  • learning theory
  • solving quizes
  • code challenges
  • sorting our correct code sentences

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