2h course for mid

Description of REST API Course

The REST API course is the perfect way to take your development skills to the next level. From understanding the basics of API design to mastering the fundamentals of developing, designing and managing APIs, this course offers a comprehensive overview of the REST API landscape. With real-world examples and best practice guidance, you'll be prepared to build, deploy and maintain powerful APIs that can power modern web and mobile applications. Unlock the power of APIs and take your development skills to the next level with the REST API course!

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REST API Course details

How long will the REST API Course take?

This course is planned for 2h of work.

What is difficulty level of this course?

REST API Course difficulty level is mid. We scale courses on a three-level scale. Beginner fits even total beginners. Mid is for people with some knowledge, and advanced level is for people who know the topic and have some coding skills.

What you will learn in REST API Course

Every Duomly’s course is designed
to give you the most important parts of the topic.

Introduction to REST API

HTTP Protocol and Request/Response

Designing a REST API

REST API Endpoints and Routes

Writing REST API Controllers with Node.js and Express

REST API Authentication and Authorization

Building REST API Clients

REST API Error Handling

REST API caching Strategies

Testing a REST API

Optimizing Performance of REST API

Integrating REST API with Third-Party Services

Scaling a REST API

How you will learn during REST API Course

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This course is the theory one, what it means
you will learn from interactive lessons:

  • step by step explanation
  • deep knowledge
  • interactive text
  • certificate of completion

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